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Our Christmas tree with just lights on it.

This is Chip and his girlfriend.  The only one he lets eat with him.


                                      Eric got his nice 9 point buck the second day of deer hunting 2004.

Kim and Jeff's wedding at Timber Wolf Point,  September 18,2004

Beautiful Bride

A young eagle on the new rock near the boat landing, August 20, 2004.

This is a humming bird that flew into the window. It was stunned but still alive.  Holly fed it sugar water every few minutes for about five hours before it was strong enough to fly away.  

Holly, Amber, Eric, and Sarah, August 8, 2004.

Sarah and Amber with a nice walleye.  August 7, 2004.

I don't know if you knew this about me or not but I am an eager activist for global warming. Yes, indeed! I am very much for it. Here I sit with layers of sweaters on and a scarf around my neck contemplating how beneficial it would be for all of us if it was warmer out. I have decided to start a protest against removing pollutants from the air. My battle cry will be "Kill the Ozone and let us northern people have some of the heat." You may have noticed that it is only southern people who are apposed to global warming, they very selfishly want to keep all the heat to themselves. They feel threatened by the idea that the north might be warming up a degree! Now, I'm not against all cold weather........just cold weather in the summer! And I think the south should be more understanding about this.  Holly

June 18, 2004.  Larry and Kathi in California at the Fiftieth wedding anniversary of Aunt Colleen and Uncle Don Loos. 

Mother and Fawn

Fawn nursing just outside the kitchen window.

2004 Spring fawn.

Nice catch!

Amber Holly & Sarah graduating from Hibbing Community College.
May 14, 2004

April 12, 2004 from our kitchen window.

Happy New Year!   What did you do New Years Eve?  This year has been such a change for all of us.  Since Eric and Honey with their new spouses are in their own homes making their own traditions, it was just Sarah, Holly, Larry and I.  Pretty quiet around here.  We watched a couple of movies.  I finished reading the Bible through in a year.  Larry had completed it on Tuesday.  Sarah and Holly got the bright idea that they wanted to bring in the New Year by sliding down the hill at exactly midnight.  So about 11:45 we dressed up in our snow pants and winter coats and headed up the hill with only one flashlight.  We didn't even need that because the stars were so bright and there was over half a moon.  It was beautiful out.  We could hear the crunch of the snow under our boots and see our breath.  It was -8░.  Just about midnight the girls were in position to start their first adventure of the New Year.  Larry and I, having had enough adventure for one year and not wanting to get a jump on the New Year's adventures, just walked back down the hill.  What a beautiful way to start the New Year.

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