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Merry Christmas from your home at the lake

After such an eventful year in 2003, this year seems a little boring, but we’ll tell you about it anyway. The favorite family spent spring break in Texas again with the favorite Texas grandparents. The picture enclosed was taken at Boca Chica Beach in southern Texas where the Rio Grande River empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

The oldest child and her husband have been living happily-ever-after in their home in Spring Valley MN. They have been painting rooms and laying new tile. They always have an open door for visiting family and friends and a closed door to family who are leaving... especially two very silly sisters who now have nothing else to do but visit the married members of the family.

The favorite brother and his wife bought a house in Brainerd and are busy planning the remodeling of their home. The favorite brother was the #1 union apprentice in the state of Minnesota last spring. The favorite sister-in-law graduated from college last spring and walked the isle for graduation with her two sister’s-in-law; three Oberg’s in a row.

The middle child has spent the last year, much to her delight, forgetting what she learned in college. She and the youngest child went to San Antonio, Texas, to do a show by themselves and managed to get valentines gifts. The Favorite parents quickly met up with them and only let them out on special occasions after that.

The youngest child has spent the last year foot loose and fancy free accomplishing a life long goal of going to Colorado. After attempting to climb Pikes Peak with her personal trainer (the middle child) the youngest child decided it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. So they took the Cog Railroad up to the top for the view.

The favorite parents have spent the last year keeping an eye on the middle child and youngest child. The hard work paid off for them as no weddings are being planned in the near future. The favorite parents have been busy traveling all over, from PA to CA. Love, Sarah & Holly

The kids are busy creating their own traditions and building relationships in their own communities. Honey and Adam have been working with the youth in their church and Honey directs a youth drama team. They have preformed in their church and in nursing homes. What a blessing this has been for the young people.

Eric and Amber have been helping with the finishing touches of the new church building at their church. They plan to have their first service in the new church on December 19, 2004. How exciting it is for them to be a part of this new phase in their church.

Sarah and Holly are always such a blessing to us. They have traveled with us and helped in our business by doing shows by themselves when we have had to go in a different direction. They can run the resort and keep people happy here also.

Larry and I do enjoy traveling together, not many married couples can work together 24/7 and we do have our moments but as a whole we are happy doing what we are doing. Blessings, Kathi

We are thankful for the ability God has given us to Love ~ family, friends, and even our enemy’s if we allow Him to love through us. We are thankful for the wonderful gift of love God has given us in His son Jesus who came to earth as a babe in the manger so long ago and what he did in his life, death, and resurrection. So that by believing in Him we can have eternal life. It is amazing that people can forget the true reason we celebrate Christmas. We are thankful for you who come and go through our lives. God Bless you for your influence on us. We pray for you and believe Gods best for you. God Bless You, Larry


Merry Christmas

        Larry, Kathi, Sarah, and Holly Oberg


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